sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

Every song has an end, is that a reason not to enjoy the music?

Someone once said ''Every song has an end, is that a reason not to enjoy the music? ''.
Here I am again running my mouth again about love.
It is just something I just can't seem to let go...
I just feel that I can't live without her, just keep remembering all the good times we had.
How I was happy back then, when I was kissing her when I was touching her, there was nothing that could bring me down, she had filled a hole deep down in my heart that I thought it would have never heal.
Well basically I think that the reason that i'm still so atached to her is because more than anyone she aknowleged my existance, she did not care how I looked like, how I spoke, what I dressed, she just loved me.
At that time in my world it was just me and her, and when she left me my world started to fall apart right in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything about it...
At least those were my toughts, but after everything got shattered around me I realized that I could have done something to stop it but I just didn't.
My life got screwed, and still is...
Kind of.
And I wanted her to get hurt so much...
But after some thinking I decided to let it go.
I knew that everything that happened was not her fault, everything was caused by me.
Something changed for me that day.
''I just grew u pair.''
Stopped being so childish
I learned to deal with it.
And today I look back and I feel ashamed of myself...
I don't really know if I still love her...
I just know she is special and she always will be!
Because she accepts me.
She likes me, I can feel it!
Just not the way i expected.
But you know what?
I'm tired of having so many expectations...
Before i did not enjoy the music because I was afraid it would end, and it did.
But now I was given a second chance, not as i expected but it does not matter.
I'll just enjoy the music untill it ends, and I hope it ends in a distant distant future.

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