sábado, 24 de julho de 2010

Stand my ground!

Eu te amo
Eu te quero
Sempre te desejei
E nunca temerei

Não deu
Mas meu amor por ti não morreu
Estou aqui
Não sou nenhum Romeu

Não vou desaparecer
Quando não te lembrares
Lê isto
Vem do coração

Uma vez perdido
Sempre perdido
Na imensidão
Desse teu coração

Não é ouro que me afasta
Quero é felicidade
Quanto a essa...
Está contigo!

Dá-me espaço
Quero te abraçar
Sem parar
Saber que posso contar

Estendo-te a mão
Dou-te meu coração
Outra vez me repito
Mas hoje é incondicional

Caiu no chão e não quebrou
A prova que o amor não era ilusão
É daí que vem minha inspiração
Que por ti não acabou...

Meus versos não precisam rimar
Apenas quero te mostrar
Que tão engrandecido é meu sentimento que ainda me faz sonhar
Ainda me faz pensar em te beijar

Estou aqui
Mais uma vez
Estou longe mas não morri
Pois teu olhar minha vida faz brilhar!

''Rasga meus versos, crê na eternidade''

I no longer fear...

''Dificil não é lutar por aquilo que se quer, e sim desistir daquilo que se mais ama.
Eu desisti. Mas não pense que foi por não ter coragem de lutar, e sim por não ter mais condições de sofrer'' Bob Marley

This sentence means a lot to me...
I had just broke up with her when I read this...
And It made me stand up.
I no longer am crawling for her love.
Maybe I deserved a second chance maybe I did not...
But i stopped thinking about it.
And now I enjoy every moment as it was my last one.
I'm no longer afraid to take a step.
People are afraid to live their lifes...
I really can't explain it, but I do now understand the meaning of my life.
You should look for it too..
I no longer care what people think about me
I just... Live my life, stand my ground.
You're afraid to buy a skate board and hop on it because you might fall and get hurt.
You're afraid to say what you feel because it can make things worse.
You're afraid to say ''i'm sorry'' beacause you are too proud and too stubborn even knowing you should...
But at certain point you'll realize that once you want to put fear aside and go, it might be to late...
So open your eyes!
I'm not afraid to say what i feel, not caring who gets hurt, that's just who i am.
I'm not afraid to get high (sometimes..), beacause it feels good.
I'm not afraid to hear loud music just to screw with my neighbors.

''Escrevo aqui no presente, para que no futuro seus olhos possam lembrar de mim, quando sua mente me esquecer'' Bob Marley

In 60 years I may be dead...
In 30 years I may be dead...
In 24 hours I may be dead...
In fact I may be dying right now...
But I want you to read this and remember me!
This is who i am.
It's not much but it is enough for you to understand me.

sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

People always leave.

Does it feel good?
Eminem once said he was no afraid to take a step.
Well I was and still am.
But you were not afraid were you?
Look where it got you.
Standing all by yourself.
You selfish bastard.
How could you?
You gave me your life and you devotion.
But for me that is not enough..
You should have been here to support me.
In the good and in the bad moments...
When my dad wasn't, you were.
When my mom wasn't, you were.
But now most of the time they are still not here, and neither are you.
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
I'm just a kid.
Who will give me advice?
Who will dry my tears when they decide to come out?
People always leave, right?
So fuck, I wanna go too!

God is such an empty word..

Well i could be standing here in my blog making poems with no sense
I don't want people to think like this: ''Damn he sucks as awriter, he wrote a poem so bad that I bet even he can't understand it.''
So this time i'm expressing my feelings about ethnics and cultures etc...

''God'', faith, ethnics.

Someone once asked me, if I believed in god who would it be?
And seriously I didn't know what to answer..

Ok most of you believe in god, I can't change that fact, like you can't change the fact that I don't believe in god...
But some people don't accept my choices.
The reason that I don't believe in it it is because this so called god only brings hatred and pain.
Really, think about it, talking about religion, we have the muslim community for example, they kill people, they kill themselves and they say that they do it in the name of '' god''.
Somehow they justify their choices with their religion.
About ethnics...
The nazis ,for example ,thought their were superior to jewish, they use the same excuse...
God made us to be superior blablabla...
Thats how they think.
All different cultures have different concepts of ''god''...
Some say he's black, some say he is a woman, some say he is santa...
In my opinion none of you is religious...
Better speaking, none of you believes in god...
You want to, but you don't.
As I was saying everyone makes up a different version of god.
Normally people do it when they don't find a common sense in their lives...
When they feel empty they go looking for something or someone to fight for, in this case ''god''...
And I am not against it because having faith isn't a bad thing.
But when things get to a certain point like 11th September...
That attack to the twin towers from Bin Laden and his people were blamed on god...
This so called God makes all this rivalries between all cultures.
Well I'm not religious but I know the basic concept about god...
It is said that god is the origin...
God made the world...
God enlights our lives..
So after somethings I said here do you still believe there is some mighty god around...?
Because if there is...
He is doing everything but helping us.
One more thing, it may not look like it but, I have faith, not in god but I do..
I have faith on those who accept me, who care and believe in me.
They make me get up every day and fight for my life.
So if you ask me who I would call god if I believed in ''him''.
I'd say there is more than one god in my life, and i'm thankfull for that!

Sorry for any gramatic mistakes : )
Don't get me wrong I respect your beliefs no matter what they are...
It's just my opinion...

Every song has an end, is that a reason not to enjoy the music?

Someone once said ''Every song has an end, is that a reason not to enjoy the music? ''.
Here I am again running my mouth again about love.
It is just something I just can't seem to let go...
I just feel that I can't live without her, just keep remembering all the good times we had.
How I was happy back then, when I was kissing her when I was touching her, there was nothing that could bring me down, she had filled a hole deep down in my heart that I thought it would have never heal.
Well basically I think that the reason that i'm still so atached to her is because more than anyone she aknowleged my existance, she did not care how I looked like, how I spoke, what I dressed, she just loved me.
At that time in my world it was just me and her, and when she left me my world started to fall apart right in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything about it...
At least those were my toughts, but after everything got shattered around me I realized that I could have done something to stop it but I just didn't.
My life got screwed, and still is...
Kind of.
And I wanted her to get hurt so much...
But after some thinking I decided to let it go.
I knew that everything that happened was not her fault, everything was caused by me.
Something changed for me that day.
''I just grew u pair.''
Stopped being so childish
I learned to deal with it.
And today I look back and I feel ashamed of myself...
I don't really know if I still love her...
I just know she is special and she always will be!
Because she accepts me.
She likes me, I can feel it!
Just not the way i expected.
But you know what?
I'm tired of having so many expectations...
Before i did not enjoy the music because I was afraid it would end, and it did.
But now I was given a second chance, not as i expected but it does not matter.
I'll just enjoy the music untill it ends, and I hope it ends in a distant distant future.